The film opens on the countdown on the eve of New Year's, 1995. Miss D, a modest transvestite slinks home to her studio in Chinatown as the day breaks. She lets her answering machine play as she recomposes and recovers from the night before. D is startled upon hearing a voice message from her ex-lover Gina and causes commotion. Enter Ms. Ling, D's Chinese neighbor and landlady. Ling agrees to offset D's rent in exchange for herbs and consoles D as they unwind together in an empty bath. As Ling warns D of her ex's selfish ways, the phone rings. Gina is in town. D must decide whether to fall back or break free of the destructive pattern. 

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MISS D first screened at the short film corner at Cannes Film Festival in 2012. And has later screened in various cities across the globe as part of the Kiel Fetish Film Festival, from where main actor Scott Speiser also received an Award for best trans-performance. The film was selected as part of the Sydney Underground Film Festival in Australia 2013 and is sceduled to screen 2014 at the cinema museum in London aswell as in Tokyo and Rome.

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Written and Directed by: Stefan Blomquist

Produced by: Maï Arakida Izsak

Cinematography by: Oliver Rush

Casting by: Tiandra Gayle,  Nightingayle Casting


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